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I so enjoy seeing everyone on Zoom. Yesterday I attended a Presentation with SAQA and the speaker was Hollis Chatelain. It was amazing to hear her presentation on Color. There were ladies from all over the U.S.A. Canada and England. Amazing. What a gift to all of us in our homes. Thank you Hollis. I know I would not have had that opportunity any other way.  And  Thank you SAQA.

 Thankfully, many of the organizations that I belong to there is  someone  learning how to Champion Zoom.    

 I feel for ladies that don’t have a hobby that they can do in their home.  I have some friends that do not have “anything” to do. But they have clean and organized closets and drawers in their kitchen. Not to mention the rest of their rooms. I look at a kitchen drawer at something I have not used in eons, and say, maybe one more year. I might use that for making something, or painting it, or stencil with it. And so it stays in the drawer.

But I did finish the table runner, shown above. I used my hand dyes, and made large English Paper pieced Hex's. I hand quilted the hex's with my hand dyed threads and machine quilted the rest, adding hand dyes for the binding. 

Now on to the baby quilt with ducks.I sometimes use this machine for  quilting, and because this is a small project. Also I have not machine quilted in awhile, I thought a good cleaning would be the first choice.  Also I read someones blog and they said, "Important to periodically check out directions if you use different machines".
Also a great idea, onward. well after some time, I grabbed a piece of fabric to check out the stitch. Sadly it did not stitch well. I had trouble threading the needle. Got completely frustrated. My hubby stopped by and with a smile, asked if I was having fun. What I said, I can not print. So it was time for lunch and I went to the frig. In the afternoon, things went better and the in the ditch stitching was working. 

Watering the yard is also at the top of the list. It has been very hot and dry here near Yosemite. All fruit is gone and we have large fat ground squirrels. They could have left me something, but no, all gone. This would be a good time to clear and clean. To be honest I am doing a little bit.  I have another child’s school chair to paint.
 And our gran in Texas wants the set. Next try to figure out how to get the set to her  in Texas, when complete. 
Does anyone know what happens, when one washes a quilt that has applique that is ironed on  type  backing. I took a class eons ago, Sort of liked the pattern, but it was more to learn what to do with different feet on the sewing machine. I like Misty Fuse, but this was something heavier. So not sure if I should give it as a baby quilt, that would get lots of washings, or say it is for a wall hanging and maybe make just half of it.  That is for another day.
It has been a busy week, had company all week, and gave myself permission to just relax. It was too hot to be outside for any length of time. But it did not seem to bother the plants and flowers.  Till next time. Enjoy your week, hope you get done what you want to! Love hearing from my Blog Buddies.


  1. Lovely table runner, Vivian. Isn't Zoom the neatest thing to keep us from being so disconnected??!! You're lucky to get to hear Hollis Chatelain. If I had paid attention to SAQA's announcements I might have been able to hear her, too. My mailbox brings me more than I can keep up with. I'm enjoying my flowerbeds and being outside. Even though the middle of some days gets to high 90s, my shady yard is pleasant for watering or puttering or reading. My cats are company and I am rather enjoying free time once the shock and anxiety and sadness over the state of our nation settled in. I'm working on some church banners and stoles for my pastors, also finishing up my exchange pieces for our fiber art group. Alas, my blue and purple have faded out and I am again enjoying washing my hair every day and even going to the pool to exercise. I'll get my color when we can socialize again! Hope you and Ralph (right?) are doing well!

  2. Yeah tough when you have to feed the neighborhood too!! Fusible that is stiff when you use it will be stiff after washing too. I love the hand of Misty Fuse, but hate that it is not permanent unless stiched in place. So maybe a wallhanging... is best if it feels stiff. Summer in KY... usually means some rain as in a scattered storm or two. Saturday and Sunday broght us a total of 5" of rain!

  3. Very nice table runner Vivian! I completely enjoyed Hollis's chat about color as well! I saw you there and I waved! It was grand to have women from around the world there.


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