And so it goes, Onward Ladies,next project.

Years ago our YoYo's quilting Circle made what ever we wanted from our day of Fabric dyeing at my house.  All ideas were welcome and you can see there were plenty of ideas. These represent 7 ladies.
Now we are zooming on the net. Which is nice because one is about 1 hour south of us, and one is in Idaho. Zoom came in at the right time for everyone I think. Our guild is going to try it for a meeting, this should be interesting.

With all the zooming I hope everyone is doing their walking and exercise.  Our local guru Yoga teacher is now on zoom, and it works out wonderfully. I won't even start to say where they all are in the U.S.A. but not all of them are up here in the Yosemite Mountains. Thankfully we also have a treadmill.

 Going thru and de-cluttering, or downsizing, which ever you want to call it, brings up lots of memories. Yesterday I found a  bag with projects from Camp WatchaPatcher in Orange Co. Went to that maybe for 10 years with quilting friends.

One of the most difficult is going thru the quilt books to know what to keep and what to let go of.
With everyone staying at home and going thru their things, all sorts of surprises will turn up for each of us.

I love my old Brothers. One should never give away an old machine, especially work horses. Ralph bought this for me when I took him to a quilt show. I left him in an aisle, and our local quilt shop sewing machine company was showing off quilt machines.  When I got back from the bathroom, we continued to look at quilts etc.  Nothing said.

I picked up a few items as one does, and a few days later.. I received a call from the store, that there was something at the store with my name on it.   Not being certain what they were talking about I stopped in. And there was my new machine.  My hubby should never have been left alone at a quilt show. Not a safe thing to do. But in this case, this has been my quilting work horse.  I did have a slight fight with it because of illness I have not been on it in a year or more.

So being a good mindful quilter, I reread the manual and oiled and cleaned everything, and then Brother and I had a fight.  Seems that threading the needle is the opposite of my Pfaff.  Go figure. But in a bit, all was completed and I apologized to "Brother" and we buzzed along.

I need more practice at free motion quilting and I am trying out the plastic templates.  Baby quilt finished, and in the mail soon. I should have taken the photo before I threw it in the wash.

But done, on its way for a new Great Gran baby. We can only see him on photos which we love to receive. . I am still working on his sisters Quilt. I decided I wanted to make it from an idea in my head. So hopefully she will not be a teenager before I finish. 
Time for a Hug.
A hug is happiness, A hug is what you make of it, A hug is to share an emotional feeling.
Sharing Blog Hugs.


  1. I have a box of blocks from others too... and plan to do something with them... soon! Think I said that when I received them.... I had a little battle with the longarm, tension, but I think it has been resolved! Yep, not Zooming, I hate sitting in front of a computer screen, especially for meetings and videos. Hugs right back!

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