Changes from Blogger, New Learning experience.

 I opened my Blog and everything changed. It was not so long ago that I was on this blog, LAST Week, I think I posted. 

This is not the blog I intended to post. I put a photo on and then could not write under it. I feel like I am suddenly in a new zone. I looked thru all the notes, got some what confused and went to post a photo. Ok one step at a time. But then I could not post after I put the photo on. So am starting again.

Insanity, I could not write  below with out an underline after I posted the photo. Could not post the photo in the middle either.


  1. Vivian, I feel your pain! They have upped you to the new Blogger (from what was called Legacy Blogger). I began seeing notices about new coming this summer; I tried the new and chose to revert back to Legacy, but I see that it will end Sept. 1. So I figured I had to learn the new one. Not easy.
    I like to be able to select all pics I want to include, then write the text and add pics. In the new format once you click the picture icon and go to the Select window, then back to text, the pics are all added. I can't load them into the picture selection window and go back and get them one at a time.
    I did discover how to add captions to on the pic; below pic there's a little window with three alignment icons, then a plus, a minus, a double-dash, and a pencil. The == icon takes you to where to add caption.
    This may not be much help, but I wanted you to know you are not the only one struggling with the "improved format"!
    Take care and stay safe!

    1. This is totally insane. I could not get to my photos at all on my computer, they scrolled thru the same photos on Google. Very strange. I will see if there is something clearer on Blogger, or if they even have anything written on how to use. I have been putting it off with the fire etc. It is very hard to breath and I have posted some photos on Facebook. The kids suggested I learn Gmail also. and slowly switch, because when we move we will not have the STI site for our email. So might as well learn that slowly also. Right now seems like everything is upside down.
      By the way a little about our cats. We have outside one, and they turned up years ago. One came PG and after about 10 years+ all her kids have disappeared, or passed on.
      So now we just have two, I brought the latest male into the house yesterday while watching T.V. and he was in heaven sitting on the couch with me. I later put him in the cat run with the other cat, Just in case I needed to get to them fast. Outside cats because Ralph is allergic. Hoping he has outgrown it!
      Hugs, vivian

  2. I feel your pain, as I am also trying to figure it out. Martha just answered one of my questions, about how to caption photos. Who would guess that a double dash means caption!? I also tried to preview, but hitting that button didn't do anything.

    1. Hope you can read my notes to Martha. So will not rewrite in hopes. Nothing is clear on how to do anything. Hope we can get this figured out. If I can't post my photos ; and that is a big part of writing. Wonder if there is a better place to blog, because I sure would like to find it.
      Hope this gets to you. My email is, trying to go from the because if we move or when we will have to switch.
      Thanks and hope you are having better luck then I am!

  3. Hi, Vivian, I saw a comment you made on Lynda Heines' recent post, and I know there is a learning curve on the new version of blogger... just when we get comfy, they pull the rug out from under us! But I'm glad I came here, because Martha's comment about clicking on the photo clued me in on how to make adjustments. Just know that you are not alone with learning, and Sherrie & I are both on blogger, so between us I'll bet we can figure this out. I'm working with a friend now on how to start a business page on Facebook, and I found a great tutorial on that... lots of learning curves going on!
    As for the fires, I pray that you will be safe... I moved from So. CA 17+ years ago, and really feel for everyone there who is going through these horrendous fires. Stay safe! <3


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