Smoke and Fire, Creek Fire but safe, Ca.

 😒well I tried to put photos in but can not even get to my photos storage on my computer. They just have and keep running/ repeating  thru the ones on Google. Not on my computer. Are they trying to get rid and make it harder to Blog? There must be other ways to blog.

Thank you ladies that also have blogger, glad you found a way to make it function.  I will just use my Facebook for the little I have to say and see my photos of our air. Or lack of it. And just smoke.

I have enjoyed Blogger and keeping up with friends and having new ones. . I will miss it, but at this time with the fires locally etc. it is all too frustrating. I will check back and see if I can get to your blog.

We were on fire stand by, truck, and car packed. Had some people come up to help load the llamas, but no go. Although they did behave they were not having any part of the trailer.  Suggestion was to paint our address on them, That would have been difficult. so each has a red spray paint on their butt. 

The smoke is so very thick,  The fire seems to be moving north toward the open mountains, but some still on the perimeter near homes and cities. Ours is called the Creek Fire- Calif..

Vivian helena aumond-capone Facebook I have an email 

Keep in touch.  Love hearing from my blogger friends.

 I do not use messenger. Vivian helena-artist  is my business one Facebook.  But I check on both. I will check back to see if I have any messages.  Thanks for the help. But these changes are ridiculous. This must be only for the "younger generation" Or something.


  1. Yeah, they call them improvements... but they are really time wasters/thieves, (Blogger, Wordpress, Google, Photoshop etc). Been watching the fires and can't say we are remotely sad that we left the state. The fires in San Diego County that swept from inland (east of I-15) nearly to the ocean were the last straw. Never mind all the years I spent in Paradise and the surrounding areas and the wildland fires every summer!!! If things keep going, the universe just might have a hand in downsizing for you!!! Glad to hear that you found a solution... for identification of the beasts.

  2. Vivian, I'm so sorry about the devastation around you; can't imagine living with the dread and uncertainty and trying to breathe. Stay ready to escape. We were threatened with rain deluge from latest storm--Sally, but it keeps moving eastward and we may be totally bypassed; need the rain but not wind. Stay safe!!


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