Ancient Stick Wall Hanging


Ancient Stick Wall Hanging. I love to go walking and am attracted to natural fallen wood on our land, near Yosemite National Park. 

Each piece has a different character. This piece is 15 in’ wide and 7 in.  in height. I love attaching colorful beads, found objects and decorative pieces. Colorful yarn is wrapped around the branch. Shrink figures, painted clay and glass items are wrapped with beading and wrapped with waxed linen. Loops for hanging are made of waxed linen for easy hanging. Please private message me or email me for details.


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  1. You are making some progress! I like both of the things you have posted... Hope they find new homes fast. The wood in KY that falls is mostly not good, it is too damp here and shady!!! Often whole trees fall over rather than just a few twigs coming down!!!


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