Changes, just when I thought....

 Just when I thought I knew what I am doing with Blogger. Something changes, like everything. and here I am not sure again of what is happening. Hitting all the little icons. Hey found a photo that I took yesterday. Trees are just finishing with their color and dropping leaves all over. The tree on the left was supposed to turn a bright red when we bought it, When I told the nursery that it is sort of a reddish brown he said wait 5 years.  It is longer than 5 years, but it is a pretty color, just not what I thought. But next to the bright Orange, it is a lovely contrast.

We suddenly had a freeze, so much for my veggie garden. Not much I can do about it. but did save a few green tomatoes. Need to look up what to do with them.  Cleared that area out yesterday. 

Bunny seem to be every where this year.  Hubby went to feed the llamas and he had about 25 little bunnies running all over the place. In and out of the feed area and sharing space with the llamas. Even too many for the cat to chase. So cute. 

Working my way thru the studio. So want to do some sewing, but making myself work on clearing out books and binders. Yes, we are going to sell. Hope to have it ready to show in March. March is the pretty green time of year. Although every season has it particular beauty.   More about that later.

Off to help clear out the barn area on the other side, more of a storage barn then an animal barn. Never have too much storage. You will fill it!  Enjoy your day!


  1. Blogger and Wordpress, grocery stores, hardware stores, and retailers in general, all seem to think change is always enjoyed. But I am here to say NOT so!!! Especially now, when the whole world is upside down!!! The local Walmart is in the middle of a reset... not only is nothing where it belongs, but it moves every other day, so you have to go in a great big circle at least twice to find what you need!!! FED UP too!

  2. They always say “Change hurts!” And it often does but it’s not always hurt, more of a discomfort and sense of unrest. We went through the whole house the first 5 months of the pandemic, just because we had the time. But we’re glad we did because we will soon be moving, too. Details soon! Keep at it! One thing that doesn’t change is that things are always changing!


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