So many Changes, Fall Colors

One of our beautiful sunsets. Before the Fires here in Calif.  Last night we have a beautiful rain, and washed our trees and the grounds. The air smelled so fresh today, with large fluffy clouds. 


Fall is here with the changing of the season finally. Our trees are sharing wonderful Fall colors. We had planted trees with colorful leaves, some red and others yellow. It makes me smile to see them all sharing their beauty with us. It is hard to believe we have been here almost 20+ years. Where did the time go, and what is next?  Anyone looking for a great house, with large studio, and 8.5 acres? Great for horses, and all fenced.  That is just the start of the list.  The kids want us closer to them. So time for a change in life style. I see many of my quilting on line friends making changes also.  Love to read about where they go and what their landscape is.  We are near Yosemite Nat. Park. above the fog and below, most of the time, the Snow.

So many things to be thankful for: Getting back on my blog, sharing ideas, quilts in progress, friends to see on Zoom, Hugs across the air, sharing my books with school teachers. ( I know they will go to a good home), my Quilt books are going to our local Quilt Store to share or what ever they want to do with them.  I never knew I collected so many and honestly many are going with me. Thinking of not making quilts is scary. So we all need some hand work to keep us young!

A hug from the book of Hugs.  " A hug is an encounter of a better kind."

May we all hold our hugs near and dear, till the day when we can share them in person.  Make it a wonderful day!


  1. We had a glorious fall this year! It was what I had hoped I would see last year. Even the southern red oaks had a chance to change before too much cold and rain. When that happens they just turn brown and hang on the trees until spring. Now that the maples have shed their color and leaves the oaks are the only ones that still have leaves and color. Our oaks are not like the pin oaks or live oaks in the west, that have small leaves some of the oaks here have leaves larger than a hand!!!


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