Winter is on it's way to Calif.


It is time to bring the wood in and light the wood stove.  I love a wood stove the coziness it gives to a room. Not to say anything about the warmth.  But in the future we probably will not have the wood from our own lot or have a wood stove. So enjoying it now! Each morning I sweep out the ashes and clean it. I think of the people that founded our country and how they probably just had a fire out in the open on this land. Yes, there are grinding holes on some of our rocks, so we know that they were here. Our street used to be a trail, and our section is still not black topped.  Not an issue, we are connected to the land. It is sad when we will have to part, but this land and house need a younger couple to enjoy it's beauty.  The tile base under the wood stove was tiled by us. It contains a variety of tiles from trips but it also contains the square nails from the flume that carried the logs down to the valley. They were then cut for buildings in the valley. Logging was very important to keep the forests cleared. The beetle has done a lot of damage these past years. Trees died, fell and spread the beetle further. This caused damage and fuel for the fires. We were fortunate and our area is safe. But so many losses that might have not happened with planning.  Now the PG&E are cutting many of the trees along the road. They leave the wood stove sizes for owners to split and use in their homes. But at what cost. In the long run they have to pay for all the help somehow. 

But on to cheerier thoughts. Downsizing! Not sure how cheery. But I do save some time to quilt on my place mats and table runner.

Just a small part of the stack of art books. 

One book case cleared.  Found some upholstery fabrics I might use in another place. And packed them into a plastic container, and marked it. 

This rock was moved to this location because I wanted a feature for the back yard. Planted trees that would change with the season. The one on the left is a volunteer that has grown beautifully to accent the rock. There are two holes on the rock, where the dynamite was placed and did not explode this piece of the rock. We had other rocks placed around the house pad to make beautiful seating areas.We have had such fun here in the 20 years. When you buy land where there is nothing but weeds and tall grasses, you have to have a vision of what it could be. It has been so much more over the seasons.

Yes, we hate to move but this land and our home should be for younger folks to enjoy and love.

So onward with the packing and clearing. Lots to do before it is ready in the Spring.

Hope you are having a delightful day. Maybe some sunshine, maybe some snow. Love to hear from you.  I will end with a hugs. A hug is an invitation to kindness.


  1. Wow. It’s going to be hard to leave I can tell but I understand. Do you know where you will be relocating?
    Don’t forget to pack the memories. Xo

  2. As someone that has moved often, you will miss the old place. But a new place will offer new adventures and opportunities too. As the comment above suggests... the memories will go with you!


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