Meet the Artist: Vivian Helena Aumond-Capone and More


Packing and everything.

First Hope everyone had a safe Christmas holiday season. I use the word Holiday lightly. It has been an  interesting year.  I hope all my readers are well and looking forward to the New Year. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could just take a artists brush and just wipe out all the ills that have been happening. But since we can not, we can share ourselves and pay special attention to all our family and friends. Hold the close and enjoy each moment as those are special. The stack of books found a home, all my quilt and art books, well not all, are going to a Charter School in our area. Our guild lending library is full, and I also shared some books with our local quilt store for lending, giving and sharing. That is not to mention that many are going with me. Rather books than furniture.  Will write more about that story later.

I am a member of the Madera Arts Circle Gallery.  Our annual exhibit was mostly virtual and a few of us did videos. So with the big help of our son Scott. I hope this gets to you for your enjoyment.

Also as this is the last day of the year and people make all sorts of promises. I promise to share between the boxes being filled up and the clearing out. Yes, we know where our future plans will lead us. But for the moment a bit of a secret. Something for the future.    Just a teaser.  

Happy New Year to all and blessings for a safe and healthy Year to come. In moments like this we need our friends and family. Even though we may not be close at hand we can reach out in so many ways to keep in touch.   Blessing.  


 Link to Video:


  1. Thank you Vivian! I enjoyed your discussion of the work at the gallery. The photos at Taxco were wonderful. I can see how you were inspired to work in this genre. Good luck with the packing. I look forward to hearing about your plans for 2021.


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