Almost Valentines Day, quilting in my mind.


Yes, I know with Valentine on the way, I should have a pink or red photo for Valentines.  It is rainy out side and grey. And I thought so many of us have snow days, and rain days at this time of year. Or are you in your studio sewing on something pink and red?  Yellow is a wondrous color, full of happiness and hope. And we need hope.

We have been recouping. I called my Dr. because I had some strange health questions. I thought it was strange that my eye balls were hurting to move. Also so strange that when brushing there was more blood around my teeth.  Other than that we felt fine, a little Tired.  At our age and packing stuff slowly, anything could happen. Maybe we had done too much.  So we were directed to take the Covid test. Thinking this seemed silly, off we went. And several days later we got a call.  And we were Positive. I say were, as it is now more than two weeks since and we are let out as healthy. Kaiser was very good to us. Keeping track, asking if we had any questions and asking lots of questions. A care box was sent with many related items, including paper plates, cups etc. to keep us safe.  Although I used the dish washer more than usual. 

So we rested and said we will take the time off to recoup. So we Binge watched Movies, and stayed up all hours because we slept during the day.  Grumbled about the mess of boxes, that the studio was too cold, to do any sewing, and sat.  Using the excuse that we need to heal.

Kaiser kept tabs on us with periodic calls. drank lots of water, and a friend went to get our mail and some groceries. Wouldn't you know that we were low, even on easy Freezer foods. Hubby lost more weight that I did, which was fine with him. Probably muscles mass, not good.  I must say it was a great excuse to be lazy.  We went out to feed the llamas and the cats their meals, but with the rain and the storms we did not do much. I did walk periodically on the treadmill.  Good exercise, when missed it is easy to know it. Huff and puff. So we are healed and feel very lucky to have it feel just like a cold. Guess we are strong healthy old folks,

One book case empty.  Onward. I am showing this book case, but several others need clearing.  I sold a desk, but need it picked up soon. I hope.  The rest will have a garage sale after we put the house up. And my hope to be ready in March, to put it up for sale. .  That is my target date. Hope there are no more interruptions. The field is greening up very nicely with all this rain, and should make for lovely photos. Some friends up the mountains had snow. Looks pretty, but glad it is up there.  The Mono winds came thru, but we were not really touched other than the wind chimes sang to us all night.  Few branches fell in the field. Good for kindling.

The Mono Winds in some areas hit 135 mph.  We are lucky where we live, along the river, and mostly those winds are higher up. There was a lot of damage to homes and businesses. Roads were closed and trees sat on houses.  It is a big clean up time.  Lots of electric company trucks on the roads, and tree services are very busy. It is a sad time for so many. We have been hit by natural issues in this area, but it is time for Spring Beauty to show its lovely renewal with Spring popping up all over. 

I want to make a simple table runner in blue and cream fabric that I found at the store. I will make that for the dinning table and the breakfast table.  Nothing quilty this time. I am really tempted to get in the studio, but can't justify it because there are still items to be sorted. And need to remove many paintings from the walls and pack them.

Found an article on packing quilts, and ordered acid free paper. Bought some plastic bins, that I can stack the art from the gallery in there. Maybe there will be a gallery fit in Vegas area for  my art. Hopeful.

Cats are being lazy also.   I surprised one yesterday with food early and she jumped straight in the air. They are even staying in the run away from the rain.

New Years Resolutions. Is it too late to make them or is this a time to update them? This will be a year of change Yes, I have resolutions, but they have been a bit side lined.  Goal today was to get back on target with my blog.  

Hope everyone out there is safe and healthy. I love seeing the blogs with the wonders of snow, beautiful sun sets, and quilts that they are working on..  Soon I will be organized and can get back to the sewing machine.

Have a safe and happy Feb.  and yes decided to have another New Years Resolution. What you ask?


  1. I think it was just yesterday that I was wondering what you were up to lately. Time has a way of slipping by when the meeting and obligations are minimized or not at ALL!!! We have had rain rain rain, and the threat last weekend of the 'biggest' snowfall this year was a flat bust... just a dusting! Good thing we don't plan our days around the weathermans predictions!!! We wouldn't get anything done EVER.


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