Appreciate, thank you. Memories

I have chosen to take photos of occasions in  the quilt albums. Memories with friends and projects that we have made in the past. As I mentioned the YoYo's  started out as a Art Quilt Circle. And now we have sort of blended into a finish quilts, and use up scraps Circle. Not much art going on at the  moment.  Not that I don't plan to work on something after we settle somewhere. But that seems so far off.

Did I just say I am not quilting till I get everything but my sewing corner cleared.  I saw this fabric on Mo. Quilt Company. And I just could not pass up 10" squares of Chocolate designs.  My husband is a chocoholic big time.   So  much so, at the Marine Corp Ball here in the mountains every one teases him.. There is a big vase on our table with all sorts of chocolate pieces. He is a big part of organizing the dinner. But there are so many others that really work to make it all a success. And that is what it takes to have a wonderful gathering.  Sadly, this year we could not have our dinner.  The Chocolate is a thank you from the Unit. And I hope to work on the quilt so he can enjoy the memories and be cozy. 

 I also purchased  the Carmel color fabric, but will wait till I decide on the other colors and the design.  There is a bit of red in one of the dfabrics. Not sure where this will take me. But wait. At some point the house will be all set, and we will be waiting for just the right buyer. Yes, I am leaving my machines up and working. Just a little space after everything is cleared. This is what motives me every day!  So I will have a project to work on while we wait. Actually, that is what is keeping me going.   

Onward. Write  again soon. And thank you to all you precious friends that take the time to drop me a note about each blog. It is greatly appreciated.  And I do drop a note after reading them. Enjoy your day.

 There could be motivation to get done as I ploy thru boxes. Went to the barn and found some containers I never looked in from the time we moved here.  Boxes with some of my mothers items in there.  We took some of the spoons in to the exchange and some turned out to be old Dutch 80% Silver. Cute little spoons and forks that they use for tea time.  I remember having Dutch cake with the little forks. I do not drink tea and that was really naughty. But I really think it was the type of tea my mother drank and perhaps if I had started with something other than Lipton's Tea. I might have had a taste for teas.  But not now. 

Make a fantastic Day and keep on quilting and sharing .


  1. I like the little flatware too... it just makes is more special. I am not a Lipton fan either. I like Constant Comment... Having a goal makes it all go smoother!!!


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