Memories and a warm Fire.


Still sorting and will be doing that for some time. It is finally winter here in the Yos. Mountain area.  The snow as usual stopped a few miles from our house. But it does not mean it is not cold. So the wood stove is running most of the time. Yes, we have propane heating but for now the wood is basically free. Other than hubbies labor. We have a good store of wood. PG& E have been taking down the trees that are close to the street, They cut them into lengths for the wood stove, and then we have to split them.

We have two large wood sheds full, so it works for us now. And it has a cozy feeling to it. Yeah on all counts.

As I mentioned, going thru stuff. And I was the memory keeper of binder for the Yoyo's Here is a group photo of some of us with our art quilts. And when there were more to our artistic  quilt group. Some have moved away, others are dear memories. But this is a fun memory of our creative selves. We now keep in touch with  Zoom every Monday.  It is really very nice, as we don't have to drive in the rain or snow. And maybe we are in pajamas also.  

I know the other addiction that quilters have is reading. I have a Kindle, thankfully. I think I have given away about 1,000 books on this downsizing. Will not tell how many I still have!

But this book was interesting. I don't know much about Africa other than the Dutch went there after the war. And my parents had some friends there.  I personally would not have the strength to march thru field and stream and to come to the adventures in this book.So that is why I like to read this sort of book.  A bit of mystery, adventure, suspense, and a learning experience. I would recommend it. The expression is, I could not put it down.  I have been in the habit if falling asleep in front of the T.V. with the fire place heating the house. Hubby is in his chair. Then I wake up at 4 AM and start reading again. Because I don't want to think of all the stuff that still needs doing.  

Do you do crazy stuff like that? I  might be more productive if I got up and started packing again..No, reading is more fun.



  1. Winter is here too, with a vengeance. An ice storm, followed by snow, a snow storm followed by... another storm... ice or snow will be determined tonight... I make great use of my awake time and drudgery tasks by listening to my books. I have 3 different apps and more than 100 unread in my lists. I haven't paid full price for a book in years!!! A wood stove my be the next addition to this house, we have propane and a whole house generator. But wood heat would help conserve propane.

  2. I think it is great that you are pacing yourself while doing this huge project of preparing to move. Enjoying the memories along the way, and even taking the time to read are very smart of you! When you've finally made your move, you'll have more fond memories to look back on.


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