Paper Whites are blooming.


Beautiful, and a lovely fragrance.  I had forgotten that these bulbs were in this pot. What a  wonderful surprise. Here we are in February, the fields are greening and the bulbs are starting to pop up. Rain scheduled for later in the week. Stopped by a friends home yesterday and we sat by their pool and chatted. We so seldom sit out side. There is always so much to get done, and it changes with the seasons. So we are starting to thinking that relocating is a good idea. Maybe it is time for us to relax, go for walks and not have a list of things that need doing. Only exception would be quilting or art. And maybe a meal or two. 

Yesterday it was an amazing sunny day, but still cold in the house. What better way to heat but by having the oven on.   It is so chilly, that even bread would not rise. And I want to try that next in the clay pot.  It has been awhile since I made Chicken in our Yard sale find, Romertope. Yes, we found this for $5.00. And probably the best find, since I am not usually experimenting with food.  Many of the blogs I see tell about cookie, or candy recipes. I love putting the chicken in here, and tonight we will have tacos. Does anyone out there cook with this clay pot? Do you have favorite recipe?

 Yesterday it was potato and carrots with the chicken.  I checked on line and there is a recipe for making bread in the clay pot. Now I  just might try it.. Ovens don't heat up the house like they did when I was young. But it still makes the house cozy to have some sort of food come out of the oven and the smell of it cooking.

 Bears. Yes, I think everyone has had a collection of Bears. When we first moved up here I brought  about 200 Bears. I had heard that they had a bear club in the mountains and they fixed and repaired Bears for the kids up here.

The poor ugly old one with the jacket on is the bear I have had all my life. 70+++ years.  Don't even remember his name.  Has no fur left and straw is coming out of his nose. There is no way to repair him. He traveled all over the world with me carrying him in my arms. I have no idea when or where I got him or who gave him to me. We traveled a lot and I think he was my anchor. The other bear,I really don't remember where I got him. What do I do with them? I don't think anyone is taking in Bears at this time. And my old one, I just can't dump him in a trash can. So maybe he will be tucked into a box somewhere. For another day thought. 

A friend said if somethings have memories, take a picture it is smaller than the object. However, with the bears this will take some thought!







  1. Sometimes a photograph does not have enough depth to convey the true meaning... of an object. For stuff it is a perfect way to keep an item for memory, but somethings hold so much more than a memory!!

  2. There is no harm in keeping your most treasured bear. xo


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