Trying something new... Hope this works.


Ok,  Our plan at this time when everything is completed, by that I mean packed etc. is to go to Vegas and look around. Many of our kids are now living in that area. My vision of Vegas was not positive until we stayed with our kids a few months ago. They took us on a tour of the city and beyond. This was one of the places they took us and it is not far from  the City. Nice ride and also nice to have our son as chauffeur. Ralph did not need to deal with the traffic. We had lunch up here (photo) about 6,000ft. and it was delightful.  We also visited the Red Rocks. A big change from the eons that have passed since we were first there.

It is basically a park with one way road, beautiful views and great places for people to stop and hike. We were amazed.  If we looked closely we saw people free climbing the rocks, which is a bit scary. Many people were enjoying easy hikes and one group of young people were playing their guitars. It was a delightful day, and a real mind changer. So we are feeling better about this area as a destination. I also am getting the bug to do some watercolor paintings, again.  It has been a long time since I played with my paints.

Back to the packing. Today the desk in the studio will be picked up. Each day there is a little more done. More boxes, ideas of what to take. Probably taking too much, but a garage sale would be better there than here in the mountains. I would rather leave the furniture here and take the art / quilt items. I am sure many of you agree with that. 

I have this pair of chairs for sale. Might have a garage sale. Or if you know someone in the area, that would love these. Give me a call.

I was born in Mississippi, in 1942. The Royal Dutch Air Force  was stationed there when the war was  in the Pacific.  This lovely lady in the red jacket was born almost at the same time  in Mississippi.  We have corresponded thru the years as we learned to write and keep in contact.  Her Grandmother used to live in the U.S.A. and was like my Grandmother. We kept in touch as we got older and are still in contact. She grew up in Netherlands,married, had kids, and thankfully she speaks excellent English because my Dutch consists of very few words.  I grew up in the U.S.A, mostly.  Looking at photos from eons ago are very nostalgic. With a flip I was able to take a photo of the photo and send it email to her. That is pretty amazing. Sharing photos with other friends as I go thru paperwork, and boxes.  That is one thing at this time I am not ready to part with, or trash. As I look at the photos, there was the year that we had the house built, friends that have visited. art that I made. And our pets that have come and gone.

Not a ready  to let photos with memories go to the dump. So thankfully, I am able to share those memories with the ladies/people/family of a time that has rushed by. It is fun sharing and remembering.  So those boxes are still going with us. another one packed.

This last week I found that we get more done when there is a sunny sky. Off to clean off the area that the desk was in and rearrange, so that my other sewing machine can get off the floor.  This will be my corner while the house is on the market in March.. Yes, March is my date to put it up. Everyone must have a goal!  Enjoy your day. Happy sewing.  Stay healthy and enjoy each moment!