Patience, I am back

 We have moved to Vegas.. Nevada..  It has been a struggle with boxes and more boxes. I have taken over the living room for my studio. I see that Blogger has changed a lot since I have been on it. Plus the fact that I have not been on the computer that much.  I have been on my ipad most of the time. There have been many surprises in moving and catching up on Dr. appoint. s  Plural. And that is very different from Kaiser in Ca. Not better or worse, just different. 

As I mentioned I have taken over the living room, and I have finally removed all the brown moving boxes. I am not saying they are not in another room, just not in this one. 

The watermelon you see there was my test to put a photo up. I can see this is a relearning process. I have Judy Martin to thank for her kindness on writing to me how she posts her photos on Blogger. One would think there would be an easier way to do it. Thank you Judy.  I still see this will take some work and sorting. Back to the watermelon.

One thinks of the desert as a desert with out trees but lots of sand. Would you believe we have an orchard about a mile from where we live in one direction and the other direction is a little Orchard that is connected with Master Gardeners. So 3 days a week we can go and pick what is in season. Recently it has been peaches,  Beets, onions, zucchini, and apricots.  I made freezer apricot jam. Tomatoes are now in season, and found a great recipe for stewed tomatoes and you put them in freezer bags and store them flat in the freezer. But they are so good it is hard not to just pick and eat when we get home. 

The watermelon is beautiful, easy to cut and an amazing color. I bought a watermelon in the store the other day, and could hardly cut thru it.  I tried the electric knife, and finally broke it apart more than cutting it. My thoughts, watermelons that have to be shipped have to have thick skins to stand all the weight put on them when shipping. Local watermelons that are sold right out of the field have thinner skins because they are not shipped.  That is my jewel statement for the day. 

Ok almost noon, I hope to get to this early tomorrow and set up some sort of schedule and try to remember the process.  Need to work up a habit so I can do this easily.  And not have to fight with the computer. 

This is part of our new back yard.. not 8.5 acres but easier to take care of.  And there is a pomegranate bush/tree.  More about that later. Hope I connect with my followers again. Have missed everyone.

Better get off while I still  manage to figure this out.!   Vivian ( PS don't forget my email has changed and that is the big issue with the blog.


  1. Sherrie Loves ColorSaturday, June 25, 2022

    Welcome back!

  2. Glad you are back to your blog, Vivian. We always intend to post more often than we do; but it's a happy situation to be so busy that we don't take time to post. That's really my case! I'll watch for you--if you post it comes up on my "Reading List" where I see stats, comments, layout, theme, etc. relating to my blog. Enjoy your new location, and try to stay cool.

  3. It is difficult to blog, especially if you have other things that need the time that you would blog. I am not writing much either. So many demands on my time... and of course, then there is the fun stuff. Now that we have better cell coverage at home, I could post just a picture... but where is the fun in that without the words. A picture is worth a 1000 words, is true until the picture is to illustrate the words. Nice to catch up!!!


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