Quilts and Fabric


Well, this is interesting. I  Can't get to  my photos to put a photo in, looks like this Blogger is going away into the either.  Not entirely sure what is happening. So bare with me.  I will also be changing my email to vivianhelena42@gmail.com in the near future, but you can get me at that now also.  From what I read we have to use Instagram or something else for photos. I really don't want to be that public. So email me and I will email back. Not happy with Facebook and as I said, this blog is for my quilting friends. So now some study of choices are at hand.

We are still packing and hope to have the house up for sale the end of the month. Never thought we were getting older but guess we are. Not moving as fast in both meanings of the word. So 8 hours of packing and decisions gets to 6 hours, and sometimes only the  morning.

Living your life and still making the house look unlived in is really a challenge. The other is finding  a moving company that does not take all the profit from your house.  And chucking fabric is not a choice. Giving tons of stuff away, and books are going to the Thrift shops also. I dream of being in a nice place with my fabric and sewing machine!

Thankfully they are now open, Thrift stores that is.  Looks like I might have run out of room also on this blog. 

That never happened before. Will ask other blogging friends what they are doing for blogging. So keep in touch.