Finally, with Help I think I am here!


Thank you ladies for hanging in with me. Looks like the issue is solved for me, until they trick us again!

I have missed hearing from you, and I thank those that have contacted me directly to say Hang in there!

As I have mentioned we are down sizing.  So now the house is up for sale. Anyone out there know of anyone that wants to live on 8+ acres  in Coarsegold near Yosemite Ca.  We are on the Fresno River, not like a river in the East Coast. Those rivers are unpredictable. This one has gotten a bit wild at times, but we are high enough on a rise to be able to watch and enjoy. If you want to know more, will be happy to tell all about it. But it is now on Multiple Listing on the net in Coarsegold. However, we have given away the llamas to a good home. And I miss them.

I hope you have all missed my blogs. I promise to be more interesting after we move. But I will blog about the process. Right now it is hot out side, and today's process is packing paintings.  We have had a few people stop by, but it just went live on all the web sites etc. So it is out there for everyone to see. 

Our cat Tabby is not too happy about all the fussing going on about the house.  He is an outdoor cat, and we have another one Skittle. She disappeared for about 4 days and then turned up again. Both just turned up one day. Skittle was PG and Tabby was a fixed boy. Thank you precious owners.  Over the 20 years we have had probably 15 cats. Some stayed, some had babies that matured. We have a chain link dog house that the cats go into in the evening. Some like it, some have figured out how to escape but all have been very good cats. They did their job most of the time. I came from a cat family where they were in the house. Hubby, did not allow cats in the house. So that was fine. No cat hair on the quilts. 

We have a variety of Rusty Farm equipment that we will put up for sale. Had good intentions about rust dyeing, but never really got into it.  Maybe for some it looks like a junk yard, but we will do one more  garage sale. It is a job, but maybe some of the things will be sold this way. 

Onward to packing more paintings. Had never thought I had so many, but with a lot of rooms and 20 years in the same place on forgets what there is.

I will put a notice on Facebook and Instagram that I am back.  So nice to see your notes, greatly appreciated. Enjoy your day and Stay Cool... vivian



  1. Not quite at the end of the tunnel, but there is a pinprick of light! May the housing boom touch you... Have to say the country life make the COVID issue almost a non issue for us! We'll all be here waiting....

  2. Glad you are back, and got those issues fixed. Love those rusty items. I've never been much into rust dyeing, but we have a lot of the rusty stuff laying around too that maybe I need to try again! Best of luck packing and moving. Looking forward to your upcoming posts.

  3. glad you are doing okay! Sounds like both of you are really busy! Hang in there with the heat


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