Quick photo of a found quilt.

 The photo did not come out very well. But you get the idea. I love Red work. It is fun, although I am really out of practice. Looking forward to doing more of it. When we settle and when I find that box with everything in it, I will be able to continue.   I had many plastic boxes, with projects, scraps and goodies. I try to keep projects in a clear box, and they were all behind beautiful white cabinets.  I will miss those cabinets. Nice part is that there are doors so no fade lines to cut around. Most of the projects that are in the boxes also have a binder with directions. Hoping when the dust settles I can put one with the other. 

I did mention plastic containers. This is the small stack. But they are so efficient. Every part of a project was in each box. I found that packing them in the large carton, made for many large boxes. So I put each of the projects in baggies and packed more in a larger box.  Since this does not have much weight to it, it works better.  Now you can tell your hubby, you found someone crazier than you. Or show him how lucky he is to have an organized wife. Wait till you see the next photo.

Ok, that does not look too bad. But it has grown a bit with my packing and no, that is not all my fabric. And some of it is packing material.  I have great friends that have given us packing boxes and also packing material from deliveries sent by Amazon.So glad my friends enjoy Amazon, Their packing has been great, but heard a rumor that are streaming lining that now.

These are the lovely white cabinets, but they are of particle board and too heavy to move. 

I hope I can buy them again, and have a place for them. We will see what sort of house we find and hope that we have the space for all this! And still some more to pack.

Giving away a baby grand, know anyone that might want it. Needs tuning.  Giving away a lot of furniture. Want to get some new pieces at the new house. I love painting with the chalk paint. So will check out the Thrift  and Second hand stores. Wonder if there are any of those in Vegas. 

This will be a new experience. A few of the houses we have seen on Trulia have some nice vegetation, others just have a pool and nothing else in the yard.  We don't want a pool, but a nice back yard would be lovely. A place to plant a few veggies in the right season.  They say it is possible.

So dear friends. Hope you enjoy our chat and seeing the photos. I think I will post on Facebook and Instagram for a bit. I like following other blogs and have received help from so  many to get this back up and running.  Thank you for reading and sharing.  See you soon! 


  1. OMG!! You are s0 organized! Hope you find the perfect home in Vegas.

    1. thank you, big changes, from the mountains to the Valley/ Desert. Sure there will be challenges, but one step at a time! or one box at a time!

  2. That is exactly how I pack my stuff.... as much in bags/baggies as possible and the plastic tubs shrink wrapped in stacks. Lids in larger tubs, shrink wrapped closed. My fabrics are not used as packing materials, in the event that the move does not go as smooth as I'd like and have to wait to unpack, like happened here. There is an IKEA in NV!!! a great place for inexpensive craft room furniture!

  3. hope you got my answer, confused again, over where to put it. But at least Blogger is working again, or I am slowly figuring it out!

  4. thank you everyone for your support and ideas. One day I will be settled, but for now, taking one step at a time, or is it box at a time! Stacking bankers boxes, even those are heavy, stay cool!


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