Scarps in a bin.

 My life seems to be in a bin at a moment.  I packed all my quilts in big long containers also. And just pray that they all survive. It is like packing a part of ones life.  I did refrain from digging thru the fabrics, but there were moments of 'I remember this" or "why did I buy that". And if so, it could go on the back of something or dye it.  

Hate leaving my out side sink behind. That was so nice, and most houses don't have sinks in the laundry room. I thought that might be a bit much to ask the Realtor for in addition to the other things. AND after all we are down sizing. We are scheduled to close around Sept. 1, and will be looking at houses in person soon.

My other thought was that I packed all the red work also, not a needle or piece of thread, and knew I should have just kept some out, just in case. Ah well. There were so many started projects that I had forgotten about. So many I am eager to get to.

But then there are the crows that come to eat scraps. Not to change the subject, but I love seeing them. The Teenagers are a bit braver than the parents, and they eat almost anything. But lately I think they have left some scraps for the chipmunks. So am enjoying looking at the wild life. Wonder what we will have in Vegas area. Pass on the snakes, and hope the yard has a block wall. So won't have to be as careful as we are here.

This is half of the studio, when I first cleared and cleaned it. We are leaving all the cupboards, refrigs. and washer and dryer.  So many homes are listed with these items now, will just take a chance at the new place. We are leaving soon for a look and see what they have that would be a good fit. 

Keep us in your good thoughts. Oh, the people that bought our home collect and rescue cats. So they would be  happy to care for ours. Thankfully Cats from the country do not survive long in the city. that is a blessing that they can stay.

Speaking of Tabby. This is the bucket I use to sweep up leaves. And a nice place for Tabby to curl up even when it is hot.

Enjoy your week, and thank you for the encouraging notes, greatly appreciated. There are moments when we think we are totally crazy.. Who knows maybe we are?  See you next time!


  1. Just think how much stuff you have cleared away to free up space in your sewing area and in your head!!! So glad to hear that the cats won't have to move... It would be a bit traumatic for them too.


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