What a mess, moving boxes! And found old blocks.


Our neighbor is watching us MOOOOve stuff.  So much to do besides changing email addresses from local to Gmail.  Vivianhelena42@gmail.com. One issue with that is the fact that the format is different on PC computer and on the Ipad/phone etc.  So Bear with me, I know it is BARE with me.

We found a home in Vegas. And the move is at the end of this month. Or is it sooner, with out the calendar I almost don't know where I am .  Our home there will not be ready for a couple weeks after this one closes. So movers, storage etc. are all involved.  It is scary at our age. And then will have it painted and when I can get in will see what the tiles look like with samples of wood for the floor. That means cleaning after, painters, etc. I will try my best to keep in contact.

But I am taking over the living room as my studio. there is a great room with the kitchen, but think everything daily can go in that area. I mean how many wild parties can I need a big space for our age in a new community etc. No, it does not have a pool. That was on the initial list, but the wish list slowly went down a drain. I hope this home is as good as I remember. With our additions, of course. It is going to be hard to go from our custom designed home on 8.5 acres, to a single story home with a back yard I can hop across. But a plus it backs onto the pet park, which is kept up by the community, and we are on a corner, which I thought would be a draw back, but on the other hand I can see out, and not another house.  So my hands are full at the moment. 

We found a moving company to move us, and store us for a couple months if needed.  It cost almost what my first house cost in 1964. That thought in itself is scary.  We have packed most things and I need to write posters for the Rusty Yard Art Sale we are having this coming Fri &  Sat.  Trucks are coming the 26th. And hopefully it all fits. 

On a lighter note, I found this block while I was packing. It was not the only unfinished item I found and had forgotten about.  Thankfully I usually pack the how-to with in boxes. So I have to envision my self sitting and enjoying my quilting in my new studio space. Lovely music in the back ground with a gentle breeze from the air conditioning, powered by solar.  Oh, yes, this house has solar. will not tell how much it cost to take it out of the leasing contract. On the other hand I need to get back to packing, sorting and figuring out how soon I can get rid of my few glass wear and resume with paper plates etc.. And then there are the few pans, most go to the dump. Speaking about air conditioning, ours here went out the other day, and to say it is hot in the house is an understatement. But help is supposed to come on Monday. And that is non too soon. It is about 90 in the house and too humid for the swamp cooler. 

So hope I can pop in again before the big day.  Beth thank you for your uplifting notes!  I know you are an old pro at this moving. And many of our neighbors are moving that direction, Tenn. I think was their destination!. It is beautiful and green,. I will try next time to write something about our grans in Mo. and the veggies they grew the first season they have been there. All fresh goodies.

For now, back to the boxes! Hope everyone enjoying the Olympics.  I love to watch the women's Beach Volleyball.  Great fun. That is in the moments I need a break!  hugs all


  1. The best news is that you are out of limbo!!! and mooving forward! Its great that you have a break between houses. You will be able to move in without all the 'missing' stuff and a chance to go to IKEA for all the other things you want for your sewing/creating space. Its hot here in middle America... and humid too!!!

  2. Vivian, what you are going through is scary at any age! Uprooting and starting over in a new place can be a happy new beginning if you are able to address it in this way--hope so! Being without AC even a few days when we are used to it is a real emergency. Best wishes on getting settled and making art soon! www.marthaginn.com


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