Popping up again.

 It seems every time I don't write for a bit, Something on Blogger changes. I need a teenager to help me.

I changed to Gmail and now there does not seem the easy way to post photos in my files.. This photo was in my collection and seems appropriate to the coming season of Valentines.

I will show photos of my progress in my studio when I figure out how to get them to my Blog. Progress is  slower than I planned. The issue is finding space in the garage. Only have a two car garage. Thinking of putting up a Tuff Shed in the back yard. Yes, it is big enough for that on the side. Purchases have slowed down a bit due to a blown engine on the Truck. Costly, but we are keeping it for the time being. well now will be a bit longer!

 Do you think I want to give up my painting supplies or, my yarn or my fabric. However, I am wanting to get to my cotton upholstery fabrics that I was given awhile ago. Thought is to make  Queen size picnic blankets for the adult grans.Most of them seem to be having fun with Jeeps. My thought is the old fashioned way, just tie  them. Because I thought they would be washed more often. And can be used various ways.  I made one eons ago for the car, and it has come in handy.  That should quickly consume some of my fabrics.  

 Dr. appoints. Been a couple of  years with out Dr. appoint. somethings have happened with the body. Like Osteoporosis, to be expected at my "adult "age. But not good. Keep walking!  Get off your butt. . So on meds and going to PT. twice a week.  And tests for the other parts.  We had Kaiser in Ca and we were happy, but I see now that there were tests that should have been taken more regularly.  So keep up ladies Vit's, pills and regular tests. Pacemaker Dr. said the battery will last for 15 years. I was going to make a smart ass remark, but don't know him well enough yet.  

I hope I find a little shop that takes hand made articles for sale. Although I suppose everything goes on the net these days.  I sold the dresser I had everything organized in. And I will have to relocate those items. But that is for later as soon as I get the "studio" cleared.  I found that my Ikea dresser is the right height for a Cutting table. So the mind is whirling.

There are so many wonderful ideas for for storage on Ikea and many other sites.  Next time our "love" of Ikea furniture! Best part, the kids are putting them together. And they are getting to be very proficient. 

Thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement. I figure with how time flies we will truly be settled in about 4 months.  I am hanging a few paintings today, and another box opened and empty.  Even found my ironing board and the wide board to go on it. One day at a time. 

How are you all doing?  Some busy with animals, quilting, sewing, and mischief.  I know my friend Martha has been busy setting up her exhibits in Miss.  And another friend in Tenn. is doing great with her animals. We do miss ours, Well maybe Ralph does not miss them that much. But I miss the kitties and can not have them because the kids are allergic. So just have to read about the kitty antics of my blog friends. 

I just decided, between boxes I am going to gather some of the cotton fabric for the picnic blankets. And will do some red work in the evening.  

Stay safe, happy and healthy. One day at a time, and enjoy the moments. Hugs to all, Happy New Year 22


  1. I understand your blogger frustration... I have that with other sites but blogger not so much. In blogger, the little box with the mountain icon... is the photos button. Click it and then choose where to find them... computer, Google photos, Blogger (if it has been uploaded before) or from the Internet. Hope that helps!!! KY is doing well. Another big storm coming... this one is also a winter storm, as opposed to the December summer storms!!!


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