Exploring around our home area-Tule Springs


We found the Tule  Springs Fossil fields near our home. We were not prepared to walk part of it . Going thru our "stuff" for the next time we have a moment. It means bringing water, hats, walking sticks etc. HA. Still settling. I might have this photo thing organized and with practice will get it right, I hope. I miss chatting with so  many of you. Glad to hear you are all healthy and enjoying. Well, enjoy the snow?? But Spring is on the way. weather here is amazing.

Our other big find is the YMCA that is very near our home I took a photo of the walking paths, but it is not a very good one. So next time we are there, will get in the midst of the trails. There is so much to do and see here. Many are very connected to nature. Because it seems this town has tons of walking parks, dog parks, and sports areas. 

This walking path we found in Centennial Hills area, is connected to a large library ( lots of books for Ralph). we were so excited to find a library near us, but this one is huge. And across the street is the City of Las Vegas building and the Y. All sorts of classes., including classes in quilting and painting, to name a few . The wandering back to the YMCA area, they have a free weight room, basket ball court, Machine weight room, a room dedicated to the stationary bicycle sports ( wished my ankle would rotate), Exercise rooms, Yoga classes, Lap pool, Jacuzzi, and two huge pools outside. I think they are the kind you just walk into, like a beach with out the sand.  They have day trips, meals available, and special tours periodically. I think there is every class available to exercise. You probably could live there and be in constant motion. Also a small lending library, with a lot of paper back books, just bring and share. No due dates. 

Amazing. We did not make much use of the mountains when we lived there. I see so many of our friends o Facebook taking time to go on walks in the local hills. But when we were through with our chores to keep up the land we owned. We really did not have the energy to go walking in the woods. We had nature in our back yard, So rarely left.

Here our yard is small, and needs some work. That will take awhile to decide what to do and put in order. Yesterday I trimmed the pomegranate bush, that looked more like a tree. It is just starting to bud out, so need to complete today. It had fruit on it when we moved in. so hopefully after this pruning it will have more this next season.  Most of the yard has plants I don't care for but are not water eaters. So for the moment we will just leave it till we decide what we want it to look like. It is however big enough for a little Tuff shed in one corner. That too is for the future. The patio is large, and we look forward to having the family over for a barbecues. We have more sitting patio furniture, than inside seating. Need to cut out a few plants near the house and there is a perfect area for the barbecue.  Hope the kids realize that they will be doing the cooking out there. We got the surf boards out of the sun and tied under the ceiling of the patio. They need some refurbishing and then they will be up for sale. They are old collector type long boards from Ralph's days in Huntington Beach. We had them in the garage, joking that he could surf the Fresno river at the end of our yard. But he never tried it. Thankfully. 


I see by the calendar that Valentines is next week, or in other words tomorrow.  Happy Valentines to everyone. Make it a special day with friends and family. This is a little wall hanging quilt I made in memory of my  mother. Always the tea drinker. Enjoy your day.


  1. While all the house and sewing room are not done, you are finding all the local treasures. Certainly a good trade off!!! Cute little wall piece. My mom preferred tea as well.


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