Trying again. Thank you followers

Bought my first Amaryllis  Bulb.  There are 4 flowers and they are lovely. So excited to have that flowering in my kitchen. Not sure what to do with it after it is finished, but will look it up.

 I had purchased some dish cloth fabric, and put my sewing machine out on a corner of the dining table. Seems like eons since I  have sewn anything and was excited to just hem the dish towels. Maybe next time will just purchase at Michael's or Jo Annes. Both stores I have found in Vegas.More about that later.
I transferred the chicken the old fashioned way on the sliding glass door. I could have drawn a few flowers but I was so excited to send this to our Homesteading Gran in Mo. that I went on to draw a Rooster on another dish towel and both have been sent now.

There is only one Joannes near us in Vegas. The other one is in Henderson. But the Vegas one is the biggest Joannes, I have ever seen. I had a great time wandering around the store, and might have done more damage, but showed restraint.  When I went to the check out, I told the lady that I wanted to register because we had just moved. Get the App on the phone.This world is nothing but apps. " But is  your husband in the military or retired from it?"  Yes, I ran to get Ralph and got a nice discount because of him.. Think in the future he will have to come with me shopping at Joannes. And it is not far from our home.

More personally, I hope I can remember all the steps our son gave me on the phone on how to get the photos into my Photos and then again on the blog. He had about 3 ways to do it. and I have lots of notes. So here is hoping that if I write several times, maybe each day. I will get in a new rhythm. 

I hope everyone is doing well, Thank you for your supportive Comments, I sooooo appreciate the support.  Still unpacking, have had a few health issues, but onward. I have about 5 more boxes in the "studio" that need attention and then I can start to mentally organize how the room will end up. I think for the moment however I will just put up the ironing board and the tables for the sewing machine. My Sweet 16 and just organize the books and shelves. In unpacking I came across lots of Starts, but have no idea where I put them.  More photos on that later. If this all works and I am back on line with the blog, it will be a blessing for me.  I have really missed sharing quilting info and sharing with like minded ladies.

Again want to thank you for all your support, it really  means so much. One thing I did not realize, is the daily female friends I saw and interacted with. and the group discussion.  Hubby is wonderful, but he is not much on quilting dialog. I have heard there are Senior groups/classes around the area. But first to get the paintings hung, and feel I have some organization in my life. 

Weather is cold but sunny. Seems even colder for some reason than in the mountain area we lived in.  The high mountains here have snow on them Mt Charles I think is the name, but have not found a topo map to really be able to understand where is stands between Ca, and Nev. 

Again, Thank you dear friends for all your support, and hope I read my directions better tomorrow and can get on again!  Big hugs and Thank you's from Vegas.


  1. I am waaaay behind on blogging, but life seems to be going at warp speed lately. One thing after another to be taken care of and it take way longer than I anticipate!!! Glad you are seeing a bit of the finish line in the rehlm of unpacking!!!


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